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About Livestock Marketing Insurance Agency

What if insurance wasn’t available to you for the daily operations of your business? Hard to imagine? In many parts of the country before 1961, insurance wasn’t available to livestock marketing businesses, that is until the leadership of LMA pioneered the concept of livestock marketing business insurance and developed Livestock Marketing Insurance Agency, Inc. (LMIA).

Over 60 years of experience providing bond coverage and designing insurance protection for livestock marketing businesses has made LMIA the nation’s leader in the field. Service to members is provided by LMA’s region executive officers, experienced and licensed insurance agents who have earned a reputation as specialists in the industry. Personal service backed by an experienced staff in the Kansas City headquarters assures members they’ll have service when they need it most.

Developed to meet the needs of a very specialized, vital segment of the livestock industry, LMIA’s unlimited selection of insurance plans are offered at very competitive rates due to the large number of members who’ve made it their “one stop” center for coverage.

LMIA is a full-service agency representing a variety of companies with specialized products.


Most trusted insurance provider in the industry

LMIA was founded over 60 years ago because back then, livestock auction market owners could not get quality, affordable coverage for their markets. Today, LMIA is the only agency in America that works exclusively in the livestock marketing industry. Plus, the service we provide is second to none. Our Region Executive Officers (REOs) all come from a livestock production background and have years of experience serving LMIA’s customers. The LMIA staff has the experience to support you too.

What do you get for your insurance premiums?

With LMIA, it’s peace of mind and reinvestment in your industry.
Livestock Marketing Insurance Agency exists to protect your business from financial loss and ensure your ability to do business even when the unthinkable happens.

Investing our time and profits in you

By doing business with LMIA, you’re ensuring that the Livestock Marketing Association has the funding to continue to offer exceptional services to your market. All profits generated from the LMIA insurance business directly fund programs for our members. No other insurer can say that.

The LMIA REOs and other staff are committed to building a relationship with you and your management team. We don’t just write your insurance and then drive away, never to be seen or heard from until you have a problem or are facing your insurance renewal. We’ll be there asking how things are going – asking how we can help. If you’re in a jam, we might even help you sort cattle.

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